Package of a business card case

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Over 200 woodwork products enlivened by the craftsmanship of Asahikawa.
Designing the excitement felt the moment you pick it up

Sasaki Kogei is a manufacturer of wooden crafts in Asahikawa that develops and manufactures products with warmth using a combination of large woodwork processing machines or laser wood carving machines and the skills of craftsmen. While developing and manufacturing over 200 original products, the company also provides a place for children to experience the warmth of wood and the fun of making things in its “Monozukuri Taiken Kobo (manufacturing experience workshop).”

In this project, out of the company’s many wooden products, it chooses to redesign the packaging of its strong-selling “business card case” and produce communication tools for promotion necessary for progress with retailers.


There is no lid, but the contents don’t fall out?!
A wooden business card case perfect as a gift

A business card case is an item vital to the business scene. Each made carefully by a craftsman’s hand, Sasaki Kogei’s wooden business card case has not only the functionality of being able to speedily take out cards as it has no lid, but its simple body full of warmth also softens the atmosphere when meeting new people in business situations. Also, crafted using the highest grade material of walnut or oak, the body has a woody texture and feel that is unique to each case, and it is perfect as a memento for a newly working adult or as a gift to a special someone.

Product Specification
Size:W99×D70×T12mm / Weight:About 30g / Paint:Urethane / Material:Walnut, Oak
About 15 cards can be stored.



Through the experience of opening the package,
the excitement of“the moment a person and wood meet” is rendered

The act of opening the package can be regarded as the moment the“person” who opens it meets the“wood” business card case, or, in other words, the moment“person” and“wood” meet. Rather than using only words to express Sasaki Kogei’s management philosophy of“being thankful for the blessings of forests and encounters with people, and to be able to coexist and co-prosper,”the case is designed to allow a“reconfirmation of the presence of wood” through a shape that appeals to the five senses.
“Reconfirming the presence of wood” is the character of wood felt from its color or woody texture, the warmth of wood felt when it is touched, the familiarity felt when you get close to it, the deep aroma… we believe it is the“understanding that there exist as many qualities as the number of people who encounter them.”Furthermore, we feel that speculating on them will also lead to an appreciation of encounters with wood.


Mechanisms appealing to the five senses

In order to render the excitement of the“moment person and wood meet”, mechanisms that appeal to the five senses are adopted. For example, the outer casing of the packaging. Not only does the appearance call to mind unprocessed raw wood, but it uses kraft paper to portray the slightly rough texture of raw wood. This should allow you to feel the“history of the wood” and its “story” of “raw wood being processed by a craftsman’s hand, giving birth to a business card case” when opening the package. Also, the concept card is made of a thin sliced ​​maple wood that also can be used as a bookmark. When the package is opened, a mechanism is applied so a woody aroma is faintly felt. The design pays attention to the texture and aroma of wood that appeals to the five senses.


Sharing promotion tools and promotional creativity with retail stores
to improve brand value together

Sasaki Kogei products are sold not only directly, but also through retail stores. Until now, retail stores each created promotional banners and such from their own perspectives, and Sasaki Kogei struggled with the issue of adequately communicating its concept to consumers. So with this project, communication tools for promotion is produced to communicate Sasaki Kogei’s message born from redesigning the package. It will be a trigger to improve the brand value of Sasaki Kogei.




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